Daydream is a series of short comics written and illustrated by Stephen Bobbett. The series explores what influences our nightly dreams — and how those dreams, in turn, influence us in the waking realm.

Each story centers around the dream of a real person, who submitted his or her dream anonymously online. Effort is made to maintain the details of the dream. The characters and situations that surround the dream, however, are purely fictitious.

Daydream is based on a collaborative art project called oneir0nautics, led by playwright Rachel Jendrzejewski. At the oneir0nautics website, users are invited to submit their dreams online for the chance to have them recreated by a wide array of artists, musicians and performers. If you would like to see your subconscious brought to life, submit your dream to the project.

creator bios

Stephen Bobbett is an illustrator, visual designer and writer, who has lived all over the U.S. and is now based in southern New Hampshire. His work has appeared locally in The Wire, Foster’s Daily Democrat and the Trees & Hills Comic Group, and featured on the Tank Riot podcast. He is also an occasional folk musician and performs at various theatrical and spoken word events in the Portsmouth area. Daydream is his first regularly published comic series.

Rachel Jendrzejewski is an interdisciplinary performance artist, currently based in Minneapolis, with an MFA in Playwriting from Brown University. She launched the oneironautics project in 2010 with an 8-hour drifting performance at NYC’s Conflux Festival. She has collaborated on other theatre, film, visual art, and music projects throughout the U.S., England, France, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Hong Kong.